Structure of the commission

The approved structure of the commission comprises two departments and three support units

  • The Education Service Department
  • The Finance and Administration Department
  • The Policy Analysis Unit, Information Science Unit and Procurement Unit

 Key functions of the Commission

The following functions of the Commission are spelt out in Section 8 of the Education Service Act, 2002

  1. To advise the President in performing his or her functions in relation to the Education Service as stipulated under Article 172 of the Constitution.
  2. To appoint persons to hold or act in any office in the Education Service, to confirm such appointments, to exercise disciplinary control over such persons and to remove them from office.
  3. To review the terms and conditions of service, standing orders, training and qualifications of public officers in the Education Service and matters connected with their management and welfare and make recommendations on them to Government.
  4. To report to Parliament annually on the performance of the Education Service Commission.
  5. To research, analyze, develop and formulate national standards of the Education Service in relation to:
    • Training and qualifications of persons in the education service;
    • Recruitment and appointment procedures
    • Terms and Conditions of the service;
    • Management and welfare of public officers in the education service;
    • Ethics and conduct
    • Disciplinary Control
  6. To tender advice to the Ministry responsible for Education in the process of formulating of education policy with respect to:
    • Training
    • Management of Public Officers in the Education Service
    • Research, analysis, grading and registration of all teachers in Uganda
  7. To establish and maintain a record of all Public Officers in the Education Service.
  8. To monitor, offer technical advice, support and training to the District Service Commissions in matters relating to the Education Service


Education Service Commission Staff List as at 1st July 2014
Chairperson Lubega Wagwa Badru M Chairperson M. Ed; B. A (Ed)
Deputy Chairperson Okot Garimoi Mathew M D/C/Person B . A; Dip. Ed
Deputy Chairperson Mulemwa Jane N. Dr. F D/C/Person Ph.D; Bsc; Dip. Ed
Member Wangubo Al Hajj Abdullatif M Member  
Member Kajubiri Violet Froelich F Member
Member Baryaruha Edna F Member B.A; DiP.Ed.Dip Ad
Member Malinga Johnson M    
Secretary Mbabazi John Geoffrey M Fin.&Admin. Ph.D;M.Sc;B.Sc
Under Secretary Josephine Wasike Onya F Fin.&Admin. BA, PGD PA, MBA
Commissioner/ES Kaaya Mohamed M Educ. Serv MMS (HRM), PGD (HRM), BA(SS) HONS
Asst. Commissioner/ES Kabwa Kahubire Beatrice F Educ. Serv M.A Educ.,BA.Arts, Dip. Educ.,PGD
Principal Human Resource Officer Annet M. Musinguzi F Fin.&Admin. MMS (HRM), PGD (HRM), BA(SS) HONS
Principal Assistant Secretary Irumba Rogers Kaija M Fin.&Admin. MBA, BA SS, Cert. Admin Law, Dip. Concultural Policies, Cert. in LGs
Principal Policy Analyst Mabangi Sarah Kolyanga F Policy Analyst M. A (E PM) B.Com
Principal Accountant Asiku Elias Elly M Fin.&Admin. CIMA, HAD, DF&CA, UDBS
Principal Information Scientist Lillian Mukyala Bukenya F Inf. Science BLIS, MSIS
Principal Human Resource Officer Wajambuka Giboyi David M Educ. Serv M.A PAM, B. PA
Principal Human Resource Officer Kagawa Peter M Educ. Serv MPP, PGD (HRM), BASWASA
Senior Human Resource Officer Nassanga Philo F Educ. Serv PGD (HRM), BPAM, DIP (HRM)
Senior Information Scientist Ekol Geoffrey Sammy M Inf. Science BLIS
Senior Policy Analyst Tamale Andrew M Policy Analyst B. A (S. S)
Senior Personal Secretary Kaawe Jane F Fin.&Admin. Cert.Sec Studies
Senior Records Officer Athieno Alice Odongo F Educ. Serv BLIS
Accountant Abunyang Felix M Fin.&Admin. UDBS,B.Com(Acct), ACCA I
Accountant Koire Patrick M Fin.&Admin. UDBS, CPA II
Personal Secretary Sewali Rosette F Fin.&Admin. Dip Sec. Studies
Personal Secretary Mbeiza Agnes Kiyuba F Fin.&Admin. Cert. in Sec. studies, Dip. Sec., Degree, PGD. PAM
Human Resource Officer Rugogamu Henry M Educ. Serv B.A (S. S.)
Personnel Assistant Namaganda Esther F Educ. Serv UCE
Personnel Assistant Ssenoga Fred M Educ. Serv DBMA
Internal Auditor Adigah Rasul Tumwine M Internal Aud. B. Admin. ACCA
Procurement Officer Owino Emmanuel M Fin. & Admin. B. Com., Purchasing & Supplies Mgt
Records Officer Nabakooza Edith F Educ. Serv BLIS
Senior Office Supervisor Twabagye Ivan M Educ. Serv Dip. in Law & Dip. Procurement
Senior Accounts Assistant Lunyolo Anne Scovia F Fin.&Admin. Dip. Bus Stud
Senior Accounts Assistant Kwesiga Mugabirwe Const F Fin.&Admin. BBA ,Diploma AC
Accounts Assistant Akumu Offungi Jenovefa F Fin.&Admin. A' Level, ACCA Part II, F.O.D.
Accounts Assistant Ddamulira Sam M    
Accounts Assistant Opus Samson M Fin.&Admin. Cert. in Principals of Accts Phase I & Cert. in Project Planning
Assistant Records Officer Kambabazi Hope Darlene F Educ. Serv Cert.RM, Cert HRM, Dip. Rec. & Archieves Mgt
Stenographer Secretary Akiteng Patricia Majuma F Fin.&Admin. Secretarial
Records Assistant Asiimwe Apollo Bright F Educ. Serv A' Level
Records Assistant Ssesanga Andrew M Educ. Serv Dip. Rec. & Archieves Mgt
Records Assistant Nekesa Ruth Nsiko F Educ. Serv Basic Rec Mgt, Cert. in Rec Mgt.
Records Assistant Serwanga Edrisa M Educ. Serv. Diploma CISCO
Records Assistant Kyowa Susan Jackline F Educ. Serv Certificate
Records Assistant Lubega Denis M Educ. Serv. Dip.IT, Cert.IT, ADSE
Stores Assistant Bukirwa Josephine F Educ. Serv. DPSM
Receptionist Nakalema Judith F Fin. & Admin. O' Level
Office Typist Namirembe Primrose F Fin. & Admin. Certificate in Secretarial
Office Typist Rwabogo Sylivia F Fin. & Admin. Dip. Sec Studies
Copy Typist Nassozi Jane F Fin.&Admin. Cert Bus Ed
Office Attendant Kahwa Edith F Educ. Serv S III
Office Attendant Logose Joyce F Educ. Serv O'Level
Office Attendant Mawaggali Vincent M Educ. Serv Cert. Basic RM
Office Attendant Nakigudde Lilian F Educ. Serv "A"Level
Driver Mukama Iddi M Educ. Serv S II
Driver Mugisha Kennedy M Educ. Serv O'Level
Driver Olenga Cosco Franco M Educ. Serv O'Level
Driver Masendi Haroun M Educ. Serv O'Level
Driver Mbabazi Frank M Educ. Serv O'Level
Driver Bomboka Peter M Educ. Serv O'Level
Driver Kihika Orach Paul M Educ. Serv A' Level
Driver Sserwanga Setebere M Educ. Serv S. III
Driver Kiyega Richard Nsubuga M Educ. Serv UCE
Driver Kyalingoza Joseph M Educ. Serv "O" Level
Driver Twagira Lourdel M Educ. Serv "O" Level , VHT Part I