Our Core Values

The Education Service Commission (ESC) is guided by the following core values and principles:

  1. Transparency: We shall take all Commission decisions in an open and transparent manner.
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  3. Effectiveness: We shall achieve intended results in line with the set performance standards.
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  5. Efficiency: We shall put all available resources to optimal use in order to achieve expected results.
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  7. Professionalism: We shall conduct all business within the mandate of our Commission in a professional manner.
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  9. Integrity: We shall provide all clients with fair and unbiased irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability or ethnic background.
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  11. Time Management: We shall undertake all activities within the stipulated period and set standards.
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  13. Discipline: We shall adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations governing the education service and public service in general.
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  15. Objectivity: We shall base the Commissionís decisions on professional and ethical codes of practice applicable to the Commission.
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  17. Selflessness: We shall serve the public without consideration for financial or material gains.
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  19. Honesty: We shall conduct our duties with truthfulness and sincerity.
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  21. Customer Care: We shall ensure that our clients are promptly attended to and in an ethical manner.
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  23. Meritocracy: We shall ensure that all appointment decisions are free and fair and therefore the most suitable candidates.
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  25. Accountability: We shall hold office in public trust and shall personally be responsible for our actions and inaction.
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