Mrs. Edna Baryaruha - Member/ ESC

Education Background
Mrs. Edna has a B.A University of East Africa with concurrent Diploma in Education (E.A) Makerere University College, UNESCO Certificate Study Tour, Granted to study the educational systems of Denmark, Sweden, Britain and France, Concurrent Diploma in French and Administration at the then IPA, Kampala and Diploma Overseas General Management Denmark.

She has also attained certificates in Gender Curriculum Development and Policy Review in Eastern and Central Africa, Women in Management (WIM) ESAMI, Gender Policy Formulation ESAMI, Gender and Development for change London British Council, Gender and Development (GAD), Project Management (ROM) Monitoring and Evaluation, Trained in developing indicators for Gender and Women’s empowerment (South Africa).

Working Experience
Mrs. Edna is Member, Education Service Commission from 2001- To date

She worked with UNICEF Consultant on Co-ordination and Collaboration of Gender Mainstreaming in Uganda from 1999-2000.

In 1997-1998, she worked as Ag. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

In 1995, she was a Director for Gender, Ministry of Gender and Community Development, in charge of the Directorate of Gender and Manager for Danida Programmes in the Ministry. Responsible for the initiation, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of Gender programmes as well as mainstreaming gender issues policies, programmes and plans at all levels.

In 1992-1995, she was also a Commissioner WID in the same Ministry and co-ordinator for Danida Programmes.

In 1992, she was the Deputy Commissioner for Women in the same Ministry which was later merged with culture and Youth Departments, to become Ministry of Women in Development, Culture and Youth.

In 1989-1992, she was Assistant Commissioner for women in the Ministry of Women in Development, then in the President’s office.

In 1982-1986, she taught English Language and English Literature at Jamhuri Secondary School. ‘A’ Level English and in charge of Examination Centres in Kenya’s Examination Council.

In 1975-1981, she was seconded by Ministry of Education to the then East African Examinations Council (later UNEB at the demise of the former) as a Secretary in charge of business Examinations.

In 1970-1974, she was the Examinations Secretary, Ministry of Education, in charge of overseas London Chamber of Commerce (L.C.C), Royal Society of Arts (R.S.A), Certified Accountants, Chartered Secretaries and Accountants, G.C.E. Examinations.

FIDA and ACFODE, Hope After Rape, NAWOU. UNEB Probe Team on Examinations Leakage.