Dr. Jane N. Mulemwa - Deputy Chairperson/ ESC

Education Background
Dr. Jane holds a B. Sc Chemistry (2nd Class- Upper) and a Concurrent Diploma in Education (Chemistry& Biology) from Makerere University; and, a Ph.D. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) from The Queen’s University, Belfast.

Working Experience
Dr. Jane is a one of the two Deputy Chairpersons of the Education Service Commission. She has worked with the Commission for the last 16 years having joined in May 1998.

Between 1988- April, 1998 she was Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, Chemistry- / Science Education at the Department of Science and Technical Education (DOSATE), School of Education, Makerere University. In the same period she was the Head at DOSATE, Makerere University.

Between 1982- 1988 she was Lecturer, Chemistry-/ Science- Education, Makerere University.

From 1980- 1982, Dr. Jane was Ph. D student and Demonstrator to Undergraduates in Chemistry at The Queen’s University, Belfast, N. Ireland.

From 1978- 1979, Dr. Jane was a Special Assistant, Department of Education, Makerere University and Part- time Graduate Teacher, Makerere College School.

From 1976- 1978 she was a full time Graduate Teacher, Makerere College School and Part time Lecturer, Department of Education, Makerere University.

Presidential Science and Technology Education Award of 2005/ 2006
Certificate of recognition for outstanding achievements in Science Education


  • Member, Board of Trustees of the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU)
  • From 1984- 2010, she was a Member of the International Organization of Science and Technology Education (IOSTE)
  • From 1998- 2010, she was a Member of the African Forum of Children’s Literacy in Science and Technology (AFCLIST)
  • Is a Member of “The Girls and Science and Technology (GASAT) Association”
  • She is the current President of Radio Maria Uganda (RMU) since May 2013 and a Board Member since 2011.
  • She is a co- founder and Member of “The AIDS Support Organization TASO”
  • She is a Member of the Mt. St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, Namagunga Old Girls’ Association, NOGA and former Chairperson of NOGA (1995-2001)
Dr. Jane’s achievements include:

  • Dr. Jane is included in the “2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century, 1998” a publication of the International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England.
  • She is included in “The World Who’s Who Of Women, 1997”- A publication of Melrose Press, Ltd, Cambridge, England.
  • She was one of 3 Appointees of the Government of Uganda Board of Directors of the Uganda Telecommunications Limited (UTL) from 2000- 2009.
  • She was a Member of the Appointments Board of the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Deputy Chairperson of its sub-committee for the appointment of Para- Medical staff 1995- 2002.
  • In 1999 she was recognized as an outstanding achiever and “Role Model of Excellence” by FAWE- Uganda
  • She was Chairperson of the Uganda Association of University Women (UAUW) in 1996-1998. In that period she initiated and launched the FAWE- Uganda Chapter.
  • While working at Makerere University, she initiated and prepared project proposals. In addition, she planned, implemented and coordinated: The FEMSA- Uganda project (1995-2001); The Science Education Project (1990- May 1998)
  • Between 1988- 1993, she developed the department of DOSATE by recruiting and training staff, physical rehabilitation, equipping the department with scholastic materials, furniture and computers. She was also a member of the University senate.
  • She initiated and oversaw the re- appraisal of all the departmental under graduate programmes at DOSATE; she initiated a Science Education Resource Centre for DOSATE; and, launched a new Undergraduate degree programme for Biology Education.
  • At the School of Education of Makerere University she was responsible for the development of the syllabuses and laboratory manuals.
  • She was a Member of the Committee of Makerere University Senate that developed the M.A degree programme for the “Women Studies Department” at Makerere University from 1989- 1991.

Research Work Done:

  • Dr. Jane was part of an international group of science educators which developed and carried out an international comparative research study titled, the “Relevance Of Science Education”(ROSE)
  • She was the initiator, principal investigator and National Coordinator of the first 2- years’ research phase (1996- 1997) of the Africa regional project on Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa” (FEMSA) in Uganda.
  • She was a co- initiator and researcher in an international comparative study on “Children’s Interests, Experiences, Attitudes and Perceptions of Science and Scientists” with particular emphasis on gender aspects, that may be of relevance to the learning of science at school level. This study was code named “SAS”
  • At Makerere University she supervised over 10 M. Ed research dissertations in the area of Chemistry/ Science Education. She did other studies on the problems of teaching chemistry and girls’ participation in science- based education, and presented papers at conferences on these issues.
  • She has carried out a research study followed by a pilot workshop for an In- Service Training (INSET) Programme for science teachers in Uganda which she developed under the sponsorship of NORAD.

Membership to International Organizations

  • Dr. Jane is the current President of Radio Maria Uganda (RMU) since May 2013 and a Board member since 2011.
  • She is a Member, Board of Trustees of the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU), first elected in 2006 and re- elected in 2011.
  • Member of the FAWE- Uganda chapter since its inception (and of its Executive Committee 1996- 2000). She is one of their Role Models of Excellence.
  • She is a co- founder and Member of “The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)
  • She is a Member of the Mt. St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, Namagunga, Old Girls’ Association, NOGA and former Chairperson of NOGA (1995- 2001).