Welcome to Education Service Commission

The Education Service Commission is established by article 167 91) of the 1995 constitution of the republic of Uganda and article 168 (1) sets out its functions, authority and autonomy in implementing its mandate.

Strategic Objectives of the Commission

The approved structure of the Commission comprises two Departments and three Support Units

  • The Education Service Department
  • The Finance and Administration Department
  • The Policy Analysis Unit, Information Science Unit and Procurement Unit

 Key functions of the Commission

The following functions of the Commission are spelt out in Section 8 of the Education Service Act, 2002

  1. To advise the President in performing his or her functions in relation to the Education Service as stipulated under Article 172 of the Constitution.
  2. To appoint persons to hold or act in any office in the Education Service, to confirm such appointments, to exercise disciplinary control over such persons and to remove them from office.

Recent Highlights

30th, June 2017

NEW!! Shortlisted Applicants for Posts in Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries

This is to inform all shortlisted candidates that the interview venue will be at education service commission offices, farmers house on the dates and boards indicated on the shortlists.

Please come along with all your academic and professional papers including a valid identification card.

NB: Applicants whose names don't appear on the shortlists should consider themselves unsuccessful

26th, June 2017

Public Notice: Shortlisted Applicants for the posts at MAAIF

This is to inform all shortlisted applicants for the posts at MAAIF (refer to the shortlists) that the apptitude test will take place at old kampala s.s. on Thursday 29th June, 2017 starting at 09:00 a.m,

Index cards shall be issued at the examination centre. Please come along with a Valid Identification Card preferably a National ID.

Nb: Mobile Phones and Calculators shall not be allowed in the examination room.

25th, June 2017

Public Notice: Appointed personnel for posts in BTVET institutions

This is to inform all appointed personnel for posts in BTVET institutions (technical colleges, technical institutes and technical schools/community polytechnics) That notification letters shall be ready for picking starting 5th July, 2017 from registry room 111.

Please come with a valid identification card preferably a National ID.

Nb: Candidates whose names don't appear should consider themselves unsuccessful